Spring 2018 – Edison Awards

The newest, greatest, and smartest innovations in dentistry ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Tips to Improve Your Practice Groundbreaking Office Designs Around the World with Premium Spirits

Winter 2018 – Survivors

Houston’s dentists were hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. Now they’re picking up, drying out—and getting back to business PLUS: Disaster Survival Tips THE ABSOLUTE FINEST: Winter Travel Rye Whiskies Stylish Cars

Fall 2017 – The art of the Smile!

Summer 2017 – The 5th Annual Lucy Hobbs Awards: Showcasing Our Profession’s Finest

Spring 2017 Edison Awards

Winter 2017 The 32 Most Influential People in Dentistry

Fall 2016 – Meet the Best Young Dentists In America

Plus: A Practice Design Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright An Update on the Opioid Scourge  Lessons from a Dental Legend 5 Tips to Building a Great Practice Stylish Fashion, Autumn Drinks and Mile High Travel

Summer 2016 – Women in Dentistry

150 YEARS OF PROGRESS In 1866, Lucy Hobbs became America’s rst female dentist. Meet today’s superstars burnishing her legacy PLUS: Why are there so few women in dental leadership? How to Avoid (Baseless) Trips to a Disciplinary Board THE FINEST: Sunglasses Operatory Lighting White Wines Restoration Techniques Electric Cars

Spring 2016 Edison Awards

2016 EDISON AWARDS Meet the nominees (and their amazing inventions) for the most prestigious innovation honor in dentistry PLUS: The Annual Incisal Edge Awards for Best New Products

Winter 2016 – Practices Made Perfect

Our 3rd Annual Design Awards: Inside the Most Amazing, Effective Dental Offices in America Herman Miller Changes The Face of Our Field PLUS: THE REVOLUTION IN DENTAL TRADE SHOWS THE LUCY HOBBS PROJECT: TRAILBLAZERS ROUNDTABLE BEST OF THE WEST: Dentists Do Dallas Beer Meets Whiskey Stylish Cowboy Boots