Summer 2018 – Reinventing Dentistry


Dentistry’s 32 Most Influential People: Changing the Profession for the Better

ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: The Ultimate Patient-Focused Design A.I.’s Impact: Is Your Practice Ready? One Doctor’s Agenda: Do Great Dentistry.
Complete an Ironman. Beat Cancer

My Hobby

Guitar Hero Root canals by day, shredded riffs by night: Dr. steve Dadaian is, in all senses of the term, a rock-star dentist. DENTISTRY CAME FIRST for Dr. Steve Dadaian as a child, but rock n’ roll wasn’t far behind. His father, Gary, was a dentist in Cresskill, New Jersey, whose practice, Dadaian Dental, was the location for Steve’s first-ever kindergarten field trip. His interest in the arts was spurred by his mother, Jean, a […]

Cutting Edge

I, Robot, DDS The headlong rush toward artificial intelligence and a fully digital future likely means many jobs are in jeopardy. Should dentists be concerned? BY HOWARD STRASSLER, DMD I LOVE TECH. My favorite things to read and podcasts to listen to concern the technology of today and tomorrow: the way we live, how we’ll likely access the products and services that are the lifeblood of the modern economy. Chief among tech news of late […]

Compliance Corner

Final Exam A spot OSHA inspection need not be a nightmare. Doing all your homework ahead of time will help you pass—and bolster your reputation for workplace safety. BY LESLIE CANHAM, CDA, RDA, CSP POP QUIZ! What will you do if an inspector from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration appears in your reception area with a mandate to inspect your practice? The stakes are high: One dentist was recently fined $53,000 for common OSHA […]


Treasure Island Whether you go for a dental confab or just to get off the mainland and kick back, summertime in Nantucket is every bit as idyllic as you likely imagine. BY LEISE TRUEBLOOD THERE ONCE WAS a dentist from Nantucket . . . but we’ll stop right there, shall we? For there’s much more to this little island off Massachusetts than just a bawdy old limerick. Famed gray-shingled cottages, for one. Delectable seafood, for […]

Larry’s Collection

Teeth for Two Many years ago, these utterly peculiar fused molars occasioned considerable tomfoolery in one doctor’s dental practice. By Larry CoheN ALTHOUGH I’M USUALLY keen to share my lifelong collection of dental antiques, I’ve decided to expand my purview a little bit this issue to bring you something that might better be thought of, I suppose, as a curiosity. I’m not quite sure how rare fused molars are, but this is the only set […]

The 32 Most Influential People in Dentistry

Who’s up? Who’s down? Who’s out entirely? (One very notable figure, to be sure.) Incisal Edge’s second annual look at our industry’s primary forces to be reckoned with—the doctors, executives, lobbyists, educators, innovators and, er, Miss Universes doing more than anyone to shape dentistry today. By Elizabeth Dilts, Mellanie Perez, Joshua Coe and Shannon Bowen WHEN INCISAL EDGE PUBLISHED its inaugural list of dentistry’s most influential people last year, we noted that measuring something as […]

The Power of Two

A recurrence of her cancer made Pennsylvania dentist Dr. Caroline Hsu determined to bounce back—big. When she told her Benco Territory Representative, Jason Sturm, that one of her goals post-chemo was to complete a grueling Half Ironman, his response was swift and succinct: When do we start?  By Elizabeth Dilts  HEN DR. CAROLINE HSU was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time at age 42, she knew she had to be strong. She had […]

SEATS OF POWER: Reception-area chairs exemplify Cameo Dental Specialists’ prevailing design aesthetic: midcentury, comfy, just a little bit funky.

West Loop Story

Some prominent corporate names call one trendy Chicago neighborhood home. To that August club add Cameo Dental Specialists, who have built an elegant new practice that’s patient-focused from start to finish. By Kristie Ceruti Photographs by Peter Tsai CHICAGO’S WEST LOOP has undergone a significant transformation over the past several decades, spurred in part by prominent businesses: Oprah Winfrey established her Harpo Studios headquarters there in the late 1980s; in 2001, Boeing moved in from […]

Founders’ Letter

A Call to Action Here’s a mission for the most influential people in dentistry: Fix the burgeoning student-debt crisis endangering our profession. BY CHUCK AND RICK COHEN Here’s a mission for the most influential people in dentistry: Fix the burgeoning student-debt crisis endangering our profession. When Mike Meru started dental school in 2005, he might well have envisioned himself one day on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. This spring, that putative dream […]

The Lucy Hobbs Project

The Write Stuff This year’s Lucy Hobbs Celebration keynote speaker, Erin Gruwell, has long helped needy students grow through the power of the pen. IN THE FALL OF 1994, room 203 at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, California, was where Erin Gruwell—new to teaching—taught freshman English. Her students, written off by many as hopeless, had three things in common: They disliked school. They disliked one another. And they were determined to dislike Gruwell. […]

Cool Tool

Get a Grip New Frings forceps offer superb ergonomics in the oral cavity—and will put a spring in your step (and your hand) all day long. THE PORTMANTEAU—in which two or more words are mashed together to create an evocative new one—is a highly useful linguistic device. Spork and turducken were once our favorite examples thereof, but then we got a look at (and a feel for) Frings—a highly useful device of a different kind. […]

Secrets of My Success

Hitting the Trifecta How does the trio of Drs. Jeffrey Minchau, Kent McBride and Spencer Stiles run MMS Endodontics practices across three states? Rapport, togetherness and giving back, for starters. MINCHAU: MY FATHER WAS a dentist. I was amazed how he was able to help people at work and still be an active father at home. Fulfillment for me was being able to help people in a time of need—and being able to listen to […]