Doing more with less: that’s the name of the game these days. Hiring and training staff is harder than ever, and inflationary pressures are putting the squeeze on every practice’s profitability. Luckily, there’s one area where you can potentially save money—without compromising. That’s your practice management software (DPMS). In fact, when it comes to Open Dental, there’s a good chance it’s better, smarter, easier and more powerful than the DPMS you’re currently using.

“If every dentist…got a test data conversion (both FREE) and actually TRIED it, the other PMS companies would ALL go out of business.  It is that good.  It is that much of a BETTER VALUE.  It blows the others away.”- Michael Barr, DDS on

Open Dental by Benco Practice Solutions adds value, convenience and rewards to the powerful, trusted, innovative and robustly supported Open Dental platform. It’s everything countless users have come to love about Open Dental, but with some added benefits because this do-more dental practice management software does even more when practices purchase it through Benco Dental:

  • Benco uses Open Dental as the engine to power a seamless, integrated—and growing—software suite that can be bundled with potent functionality from the likes of Dental Intelligence (the #1 analytics software for practice building) and Practice Mojo (the leading automated dental patient communications solution).

    The ability to customize to any practice environment has caused me to recommend this DPMS to all of my dental consultant clients.” – Lauren Bursell, Best Dental Help

    Benco Dental’s product portfolio is based on our strong belief that open is better than closed, because consumer choice helps spur innovation. Open Dental by Benco Practice Solutions is the perfect option for our customers who have grown accustomed to choosing from a range of best-in-class, innovative solutions rather than restrictive exclusives.”
  • Benco customers earn BluChip rewards points on their Open Dental purchases, and can also redeem the points they already have toward their Open Dental investment.
  • It’s convenient; your Friendly Benco Rep will be happy to help coordinate an Open Dental demonstration.
  • You don’t need to create an account with Open Dental to purchase it; simply include it with your regular Benco order and get it all on one bill. And one less bill to pay means a little less hassle and a little more time saved.
  • It’s open and affordable. Unlike other providers, Open Dental gives Benco customers choice. The price through Benco is exactly the same as buying from Open Dental direct, but with all of the added value especially for Benco customers.

“Open Dental is built on the idea that dental providers should have access to the best software and to their own data,” said Nathan Sparks, CEO of Open Dental. “Partnering with Benco Dental expands the reach of our open-source solution and gives dentists more options by making our product available directly to Benco’s customers, who demonstrate a strong preference for innovative solutions.”


10 Reasons Users Love Open Dental — And You Might, Too.

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