With just a wave of your hand, you can dispense a wet wipe that’s just right for the times we live in: more environmentally friendly and economical than ordinary canister wipes.

A match made in heaven: With the Reva dispenser, helping reduce plastic waste and saving money go hand-in-hand.

REVA’S TOUCHLESS Wipe Dispenser solves so many problems, so simply, it’s perhaps the coolest Cool Tool yet. While ordinary canister wipes are made with plastic fibers that take centuries to break down, Reva cellulose paper towels decompose in mere weeks. They’re cheaper, too. The company estimates that a practice using 75 wipes a day will save $693 a year—plus 7,000 kilograms in CO2 emissions over the same period.

Another thing: Reva is totally hands-free. Sure, you can leave wipe canisters open all day to avoid touching the container, but they’ll dry out faster and go to waste. Reva is better because it dispenses a freshly, evenly moistened wipe every time. The liquid doesn’t touch the wipe until you’re ready to use it, so each one is consistently saturated. Want a dry towel instead? Just wave your hand under the left side. Now, you can have wet and dry towels in the same space a regular paper towel dispenser would occupy.

Mount it on the wall or set it on a countertop. Either way, you can choose the power source—a plug-in AC cord, extended-life battery pack or ordinary batteries—so you don’t have to be near an outlet. The towels come 700 per roll, so you won’t be changing them often. Plus, Reva offers a choice of fluids: disinfectant, cleaner or sanitizer, so you can select the right one for each area of your practice. More savings, more flexibility, in less space and with a smaller environmental footprint? That’s so, so right.

Photography by Melissa Diltz