You don’t have to refer your bone grafting cases when you use a plug that’s not only simple and predictable, but also offers treatment flexibility later.

Bone grafting plugs mostly look alike, but they’re not. This Gibson Healthcare® Bone Graft Plug offers a dramatically higher mineral content than others: an approximately 80/20 ratio1 of mineral to collagen versus around 50/50.

Not only that, the synthetic calcium phosphate mineral has a carbonate apatite structure, which is physically and chemically comparable to the mineralized matrix of natural bone. The low crystallinity of carbonate apatite supports bioresorption and has been shown to increase the forming of osteogenic cells, as well as enhance bioresorption of bone by osteoclasts2.

The bullet-shaped form is convenient and also easy to trim and form, expanding reliably when hydrated to fill the site. It’s available in two sizes (10mm x 20mm and 6mm x 25mm) in packs of five with a three-year shelf life, so even infrequent users can keep some on hand without worrying about product waste. Here’s a plug that lets you get in the bone grafting game . . . while still playing nice with your network of specialists.

1 Data on file with the manufacturer.
2 Spence, G., Patel, N., Brooks, R., Rushton, N. Carbonate substituted hydroxyapatite: resorption by osteoclasts modifies the osteoblastic response. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. Part A, 01 Jul 2009, 90(1):217-224.