Shorten fabrication times and reduce hassle with this disilicate-based, millable glass ceramic block for dental restorations that usually require no crystallization.

Smooth operator: Amber Mill Direct showed minimal chipping under an electron microscope— which is to say, it’s virtually invisible to the naked eye.

IT SEEMS LIKE only yesterday that Hass Bio introduced its acclaimed Amber Mill, the first machinable lithium disilicate glass-ceramic block allowing for translucency to be modified by heat treatment. Hot on its heels is the new Amber Mill Direct, with no need for crystallization. Offering a shortened fabrication time and requiring no oven, one-hour restorations are possible. It offers more than just speed, too: “All the advantages of lithium disilicate ceramics,” says Dr. Yao-Lin Tang of San Mateo, California, plus “beautiful smooth margins without the need for firing—an invaluable CAD block every dentist should have in his or her office.”

Different microstructures generate varying strengths in the cervical and incisal regions for high durability. Independent testing by The Dental Advisor showed flexural strength ranging from 311 (incisal) to 393 MPa (cervical, where most stress fractures naturally occur). Its natural translucency is achieved by virtue of a gradated microstructure, and translucency may be adjusted by simply baking the glazed restoration. Fast, beautiful and strong, Amber Mill deserves a spin in your mill.