Long gone are the days of dental students sharing tips, school advice and life counsel via semaphore and Morse code. (You remember those days, don’t you?) Today’s dentists in training, no surprise, are social media savvy and eager to share. Here are some noted influencers from schools around the country—and how they sate public appetite.

Dolapo Adeola
Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine

@dolllydmd (1,000 followers)
@dolllydmd (2,600 followers)

“When I got into dental school, I was getting the same questions over and over and wanted to find a way to consolidate the information so I could keep answering questions in hopes of encouraging predental students. Representation is so important. I didn’t see my first black dentist until I was 19 years old, so I’m honored to be in a space where I can be an example and resource to minority students and show them that they can achieve the same. I had so many people help me, so it’s important to me to help uplift the next generation of dental professionals.”

Isaiah Abdelmeseeh
Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC

@doctor.isaiah (117,400 followers)
@doctor.isaiah (27,200 followers)

“My journey as a TikTok creator started by accident. To my surprise, a quick video I created just for fun as a third-year dental student went viral, garnering thousands of views and likes. This encouraged me to create more dental-themed humorous videos, and before I knew it, I had developed a growing following on TikTok. I constantly remind myself of the impact my content can have on my audience. By making videos that are both informative and entertaining, I’m helping change people’s perception of dentistry and encouraging them to take better care of their oral health.”

Clayton Cooper
Texas A&M School Of Dentistry

@blaytonbooper (181,800 followers)
@clayton_cooper_ (7,930 followers)

“My best videos are the ones that I spend 10 seconds recording and post right away—they’re the most raw and relatable, and that’s what resonates with my followers. I like throwing in some non-dental content to show that you can still have time to be yourself and do things you enjoy while being a dental student. You probably won’t learn any dentistry from my account, but you might laugh.”

Sarah Gilmore
OU College of Dentistry at the University of Oklahoma

@sarahschief (43,300 followers)
@saraheschief (9,350 followers)

“I love creating content that shows what dental school is actually like; most of my followers are predental/pre-med students, current dental students or those who work in the dental/medical field. I wish there had been more accounts like mine that I could have watched and engaged with when I was a predental student.”

Louise Li
New York University College of Dentistry

@louiselidental (26,500 followers)
@llouiselli (2,008 followers)

“Back when I was applying to dental school while abroad, I struggled to find students actively sharing their pre­dental and dental-school experiences. Once I started at my dream dental school, I was super-excited to document my experience. I used to spend three or four hours a week creating content, but with my course load now, I spend around one or two hours a week creating enough quality content to upload at least weekly. When I receive messages and comments from my followers expressing how my content is motivating them to work harder to pursue dentistry and how my predental advice videos are helpful for their journey, I feel more motivated to continue making content amidst my busy schedule.”

Alisha and Natasha Nanji
Harvard University School of Dental Medicine

@nanjitwins (19,800 followers)
@nanjitwins (49,200 followers)

“We started creating content to empower and mentor STEM students. Our content has now reached millions of people across the world. Our social media community inspired us to create an online marketplace for prospective students to connect with current students at their dream schools. The marketplace that we built has helped thousands of students find mentors! One of the most rewarding aspects of our social media is helping people achieve their dreams—receiving messages from students who say our social media has motivated them to pursue their dreams and go for things they never thought were possible inspires us to keep creating content.”

Taylor Spruill
Howard University College of Dentistry

@taylorspruill (9,650 followers)
@dr.taylorspruill (11,900 followers)

“When I was a freshman in college, I won Miss Maryland Teen USA 2017. I had the opportunity to meet teens from all over the state and found that social media platforms made it very easy to connect with them and reach a wide audience. Since then, I’ve been creating content that’s important to me and that I hope inspires others, especially young women. Since I’m the first person in my family to become a medical or dental professional, there wasn’t someone I knew who blazed this trail ahead of me. So I use social media in an attempt to create that trail for others. I try to base my content on the preface, ‘What would younger me have wanted to know about pursuing a career in dentistry?’ My mission is to show Gen Z and especially young women how fun, interesting and worthwhile this field can be.”