eA former Dyson engineer and his dentist father created a face shield offering optical clarity and comfort that rivals wearing nothing at all.

NAME ANOTHER legitimate profession besides dentistry where you expect to get peppered with infectious splatter and droplets. Even so, it’s no surprise that many practitioners forgo the undeniably comprehensive protection provided by ordinary face shields because they hinder eyesight, mobility and comfort, potentially compromising patient care in the process. Not to mention that doctors are prone to Covid-era PPE fatigue just like ordinary folks.

British Columbia–based Ambience still wants to change that, and it has skin in the game. The company’s Ambience Face Shields were conceived during the pandemic by Dr. Scott Yamaoka and his son, Zachary, a former engineer for Dyson who also competed in the Audi Autonomous Driving Cup. “Having never worn a shield before, I was surprised to see all the biomaterial that was being sprayed or splattered on it after a surgical procedure,” Dr. Yamoka says.

I can see clearly now: Ambience face shields protect you from “bioburden” (i.e., the gross stuff); ordinary face shields are prone to glare and reflection (lower left), but Ambience claims a tenfold improvement (lower right).

More than 50 prototypes later, the duo finally arrived at a product that has since gone on to win multiple awards, as well as converts throughout North America. The shield itself employs nanotechnology for 10 times less light reflection, plus zero glare versus lesser products, according to the company. It’s also highly adjustable to accommodate all sizes of loupes and lights. And it lasts, too, maintaining like-new clarity for around 365 workdays, making it a great value that’s easy to clean and use again and again.

Single shields sell for around $69, and team packs of four, eight and 20 are available at a significant discount. So while the pandemic may be over, according to many, why sacrifice safety when there’s a face shield that doesn’t ask you to compromise on comfort, clarity or economy? “I can’t see myself not wearing one now,” Dr. Yamaoka says.