Dr. Nicole Andersen and her husband, Scott, on “B Corporation” certification, socially responsible dentistry and the value of service to others.

Nicole: You can go through so many phases throughout a dental career—mastering procedures, learning more about business, finessing a new skill or a new technology. At some point, though, you need to look at the big picture and ask “How am I helping others, the planet, the community?”

SCOTT: The most fulfilling life is one of service. We saw alignment between the underlying philosophy and mission of the Certified B Corporation movement—a free assessment, customized to industry— and the mission and vision we created when we founded Artisan Dental: to “optimize the health and happiness of our patients, team members, suppliers, community and the environment through exceptional care and sustainable business practices.” We knew we wanted our organization to do more than simply create a profit.

NICOLE: I’m inspired by those around me. I work with an amazing team and feel compelled to play at a high level because of them. So many of my patients, too, are doing great work in their own fields that just hearing pieces about their journey can really create some positive momentum in my day.

SCOTT: We embrace socially and environmentally responsible practices. One example: We provide patients with the Pro-Sys toothbrush, manufactured by Benco Dental, where for each toothbrush purchased, Benco gives away one toothbrush to a person in need in their community.

NICOLE: My time away from work is golden. Whether spending time with family, working out, reading, traveling—whatever I need to do to rebalance, I always can count on that to refuel me for whatever my workday requires.

SCOTT: My business inspirations include John Mackey, author of Conscious Capitalism and CEO of Whole Foods. My personal mission for a meaningful life, together with the mission of the organization, offers a True North reference point for orienting my activities.

NICOLE: I am a mother first. The way I care for my children and urge them to grow and explore can be similar to the ways I hope to nurture my profession and the business.

SCOTT: Our ability to provide a five-star patient experience actualizes our goal of providing exceptional care. In turn, it provides the resources necessary to purchase 100 percent of our electricity from renewable energy sources, offset all our carbon emissions and purchase more sustainably produced dental, office and cleaning products. We model these practices for our patients, team members and vendors, which contributes to normalizing these practices as simply the way business is now done.

In 2017, Artisan Dental, in Madison, Wisconsin, earned status as a Certified B Corporation, which Inc. magazine has deemed “the highest standard for socially responsible business.” Dr. Nicole Andersen, 46, has been in private practice since 1998. Scott Andersen, also 46, cofounded the practice and serves as its director of business development. Married since 2002, the Andersens live in Waunakee, Wisconsin, with their two children.