The Orbiter® XL curing light eye shield system addresses health hazards associated with curing lights at a dental practice by blocking approximately 99.8 percent of harmful near ultraviolet and blue light according to a recent blog at

In addition to the obvious health benefits, this innovation alleviates frustrations long associated with the use of curing lights such as those listed below:

  • repeatedly needing to adjust filters into view with changing cure positions,
  • replacing acrylic filters that break over time,
  • requiring a second person to hold paddles in the correct position
  • adjusting paddles that are not being held in the correct position

The Orbiter® XL curing light eye shield system from Missouri-based ERGOCEPT, Inc. addresses all of these issues in one revolutionary solution designed to streamline the curing process.

How does The Orbiter® work?

The Orbiter® curing light eye shield system’s proprietary design automatically rotates the filter into view for most positions in the mouth, and is effortlessly nudged into view when needed.
The filter itself is conveniently flexible, so it bends out of the way as needed for the most posterior teeth, won’t break over time, and can be easily replaced if damaged or scratched.
The system includes three grommet sizes to fit most curing lights on the market.

Benefits at a glance

• Saves time by streamlining the curing process

• Flexible filter that won’t break

• Spectroscopy-tested to ensure safety

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