Nation’s largest family-owned dental distributor announces rollout of groundbreaking single-shade composite from Tokuyama, Onset® buffering system compatible with four anesthetics, and Ucreate’s interactive digital art panels

Benco Dental, with an 88-year record of delivering success to dental practices, introduces three insightful solutions from its vendor partners and branded lines. Among them: groundbreaking offerings from Tokuyama, OnPharma and NunoErin.

  • OMNICHROMA by Tokuyama: A universal composite that esthetically matches the entire classical VITA shade range with just one shade of composite. OMNICHROMA utilizes innovative Smart Chromatic Technology, the first composite to use structural color as the main coloring mechanism. This game-changing technology allows for better clinical outcomes while reducing inventory and chair time.
    “OMNICHROMA is a one-stop shop for shade matching and it has excellent handling properties, polish ability and wear resistance. I can achieve predictable, excellent results with this composite and it has become the first material that I reach for in most direct-restorative clinical situations,” said Massachusetts practitioner Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz, Salem Dental Arts.

“Vital to our aim of driving dentistry forward is propelling cutting-edge products into wide use by educating customers and encouraging acceptance,” said Terry Barrett, Chief Marketing Officer for Benco Dental. “We’re excited to help launch OMNICHROMA because it’s a genuine game changer: a totally new solution to the challenge of shade matching that, even more amazingly, saves time and money.”

Benco Dental introduces the latest benefits of Onset® by OnPharma, shown, which now can be used to buffer four of the five major local anesthetics in dentistry: Lidocaine, Articane, Prilocaine and Mepevicaine.
  • Onset® by OnPharma: Faster onset, less chair time, improved practice flow – all delivered by one buffering agent. Onset numbs within 35 seconds for some patients, and 90 seconds or less for most others by adjusting with a Sodium Bicarbonate solution to raise the pH of the anesthetic. Staying with a patient improves their experience, and getting right to work improves practice flow and saves time. Now, Onset can be used to buffer four of the five major local anesthetics used in dentistry: Lidocaine, Articane, Prilocaine and Mepevicaine. Its cartridges now feature a three-year shelf life. Previously, the opened product had to be used or discarded in one practice day, but that has been extended to five days.
    Jason Erickson, DDS

    “I have been using Onsetfor the past couple of years and I couldn’t be more happy with the results of each injection.  The medical field has been buffering anesthetics for years and when Onset became available to dentists, it was a no brainer to add it to my practice,” said Jason W. Erickson, DDS, Erickson Dental, Irving, Texas.

“Patients report a noticeable increase in comfort with each injection and anesthesia is achieved much quicker. It’s an aspect of each procedure that is irreplaceable and gives me the confidence that each patient is being treated the way I would want them to be treated.”

Benco Dental presents Ucreate, a multi-touch surface, modern design and originally developed games from NunoErin, which puts creativity at dental patients’ fingertips.
  • Ucreate by NunoErin: The multi-touch surface, modern design and originally developed games of Ucreate puts creativity at dental patients’ fingertips as their touch guides them through a whimsical world of play. NunoErin, a Jackson, Mississippi company offers products that transform everyday spaces–including dental practice reception and play areas– into enchanting destinations.

“Ucreate fits well with the fun, interactive environment we are trying to create, and it doesn’t take up too much space,” said Brandon Hoang, DMD VIVA Orthodontics, Garden Grove, California. “It will keep the kids in the reception area happy and busy. Hopefully, they will like it so much they will always remember our office and tell others about us.”

“We are thrilled to partner with an industry leader like Benco to bring unique family-play solutions to dental practices seeking to differentiate themselves in their market and drive customer loyalty and repeat family business,” said Erin Hayne, NunoErin Co-Founder.

Benco will feature these three insightful solutions, alongside leading-edge services, equipment and merchandise at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, through February 23, at Booth 3834. For details, visit or call 1.800.GO.BENCO.

About Benco Dental

Benco Dental, headquartered in Northeastern Pennsylvania, is the largest family-owned dental distributor in the United States, offering a full array of supplies, equipment and services to dentists across the nation.  Founded in 1930 by Benjamin Cohen, the company has remained family-owned and focused on its unique mission to “deliver success, smile after smile.” Within the past 88 years, the company has grown from a single downtown location to a national network that includes five distribution centers, and three design showrooms, one at the company’s Pa. headquarters, one in Southern California, and one in Texas. Benco, which has been named one of Fortune Best Workplaces in Health Care and Biopharma for the past three years, one of the NAFE Top Companies for Executive Women for the second consecutive year, and Pennsylvania’s Best Places to Work® for 12 of the past 14 years, is proud to feature a highly skilled team of more than 400 professionally trained sales representatives and over 300 factory-trained service technicians. For more information, visit or call 1.800.GO.BENCO.