As a tool in existence since the 19th century, the dental articulator continually improves. In the simulation of mandibular movements, many iterations deliver benefits, but none quite like the Wondertech articulator.

“I’m old school, but I love these articulators. When I use Wondertech, I have a lot more control. It’s much more predictable and compact than other articulators.”

Vic Sober, a 20-year veteran lab technician, referencing their function like well-respected metal articulators.

In just seven simple steps, dentists can easily mount without the mess.

“You don’t even need to use plaster – just dab on the glue. It is a much cleaner base model.” – Vic Sober, a manager of lab operations in Waco, Texas.

After using the Wondertech articulator for years, and falling in love with its benefits, Sober has written a seven-step instruction guide for easy use.

“It’s easy to use, and dentists and technicians can quickly learn.”

The Wondertech articulator’s most significant difference, plastic construction that’s durable and stable, delivers a considerable advantage in cost. Dentists can purchase a box of 50 large Wondertech articulators at about 80 percent of the cost of a single reusable unit.

Disposable, yet more affordable than its predecessors.

“The plastic is extremely strong. It doesn’t bend, and it offers full functionality.”

The perfect articulator designed by a team committed to bettering the product – what could be bad? The answer: absolutely nothing.

Wondering why you haven’t tried Wondertech articulators yet?

For more information and to purchase the Wondertech articulator by Dental Creations, contact a Friendly Benco Rep today at 1.800.GOBENCO.

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