Katherine Eitel Belt

Katherine Eitel Belt has a way with words.

“I am known as the unscripted communications expert in the industry,” says the international speaker, author, and coach. Luckily for dental practices everywhere, she is here to help.

Benco Dental’s virtual workshop with Belt on Thursday, September 18 from 12 – 2 p.m. EST is the perfect opportunity for all members of the practice team to learn telephone skills that will take the office to the next level.

The simple, four-step process Belt preaches will convert more calls to appointments within the practice.

“The telephone skills program is only a framework. We want people to be who they are. They get to choose the words that would be normal and natural and genuine for their personality.”

Katherine Eitel Belt, international speaker, author, coach

Dental patients can get a better understanding of practice culture through these authentic interactions with practice team members.

Still skeptical? Don’t worry, Belt has converted non-believers before.

“The virtual session is the perfect place to start. At LionSpeak we will never send a trainer to you who hasn’t already mastered that job in the dental office.”

Katherine Eitel Belt, international speaker, author, coach

In just two hours, participants will leave Belt’s workshop ready to implement evaluation and compliance processes, create a positive employee atmosphere, measure call results, and more.

The “Have Them At Hello” workshop on Thursday, September 18 is $99 and capped at 50 participants with time for questions and conversations following Belt’s interactive programming.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the communications queen. Reserve your spot here:


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