IMAGINE A HORROR FILM set in a dental office. Let’s call it Invasion of the Biofilm Matrix. Meet the hero: a Colorado Springs biochemist who discovers a practice-saving solution that defeats the enemy and protects the practice’s precious water supply.

Box-office gold, right? If every doctor’s nightmares include dental-evacuation suction-line problems that stand in the way of patient care, TriCom CEO Michael Cantor deserves an award (if not an Oscar, exactly) for his inventions, VacuShock and VacuClear with Invizio-Guard (—orange and purple tablets, respectively, that clean the lines every time the evacuation system is in use. In Hollywood terms: It’s the anti-kryptonite.

Biofilm bacteria—affectionately known in the trade as sludge— is a single-cell bacterium whose sole purpose is to perpetuate its own existence. It has done so for, oh, 4 billion years. Until it got into a tussle with Cantor, that is. Our hero can wax lyrical about having disposed of 14 containers of sludge after performing what he calls “dentistry’s first shock treatment.” In under 45 minutes, he’s able to deliver a dental office from nearly zero suction to fully operational.

From there Cantor created Invizio-Guard, which coats a vacuum system’s inner lines to prevent adherence of bacteria thereto, with a protective plating effect. Installable by any member of your team, VacuShock needs no activation time to break down (rather than feed on) the biofilm matrix. Its tablet form enables chairside-collector placement for all-day cleaning, eliminating the need for OSHA-mandated day’s-end rinsing of the lines.

The formula includes a nontoxic agent proven to remove all inner biomass, hard-water deposits and amalgam. Each 45-tablet jar of VacuClear ($40) will last seven to 10 weeks across four operatories—helping dentists everywhere live happily ever after.