Tuhina Sen Roy

  • Little Falls, New Jersey
  • Specialty



Name of Practice:

Troy Orthodontics




University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine; orthodontics certificate, Vanderbilt University

Why They Were Nominated

By May 2016, Dr. Roy’s two- year-old upstart ortho business was booming. Then came June, and a random attack of Guillain-Barre syndrome left her quadriplegic. With the support of her family—who cared for both her and her daughter, Rayna, now 5—during the first year of her disability, she returned to the office less than five months after losing the proper function of her hands and limbs. “I had to rebuild and start over in my practice, and at the same time relearn to walk and feed myself,” she recalls. She trained younger colleagues in her clinical techniques and took up administrative duties.

Why They Became a Dentist

“I liked the idea of a long- term presence in one community [rather than] having to move around the country for my career.”


Offer solid orthodontic care in a pleasant and respectful environment. “Both of my children and I spent a lot of time consuming medical care over the last six years, so I’ve seen firsthand how important it is to treat every patient with dignity.”

Most Memorable Patient

“In orthodontics, we get to know our patients over several years. It’s always memorable when a fearful child comes in and then grows to trust you over the years and allows you to work on their smile.”

Sage Advice

“Learn to keep people happy, and don’t take patient problems home with you.”

Something People Don’t Know

Like Dr. Troy Eans, Dr. Roy has never seen Star Wars. “But I did enjoy watching The Big Bang Theory from start to finish.”