Troy Eans

  • Pittsburgh
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Name of Practice:

Gruendel, Eans & Boles Dentistry




University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine

Why They Were Nominated

If literally writing the textbook on your specialty is the capstone of a successful career, then co- authoring a chapter—“Implant Treatment: Advanced Concepts & Complex Cases”—in Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a firm foundation on which to build. Dr. Eans’s expertise has earned him invitations to lecture nationally for dental implant and prosthodontic procedures and led to the founding of “The Implant Protocol,” this University of Pitts- burgh faculty member’s own course.

Why They Became a Dentist

“I woke up one day in the summer between high school and college and decided that
I wanted to pursue a dental career. Prior to that, I wished to pursue higher education in computer technology.”

Tool They Can’t Live Without

CBCT. “This technology has forever changed the field of dentistry. We can see things more clearly than ever before.”

Exciting New Trend

“Dental implants are one of the most challenging and exciting aspects of treatment. We can give patients new hope with the recent advances in complex biological augmentations, implants and very precise prosthetic restorations. I have the luxury of having a full-service dental laboratory in my office with an exceptionally skilled technician. With a laboratory technician on site, the possibilities of true customization are endless.”

Sage Advice

Spend time in multiple offices. “Every practitioner operates differently. It’s important to investigate what aspect of dentistry sparks your inner enthusiasm. Dentistry should be enjoyable.”

Something People Don’t Know

“I have never seen Star Wars.”