Susan Hernandez

  • Brooklyn, New York
  • Specialty



Name of Practice:

Pearly Whites Pediatric Dentistry


Pediatric dentistry


University of Puerto Rico School of Dental Medicine; GPR, Department of Veterans Affairs New York Harbor Healthcare System

Why They Were Nominated

Dr. Hernandez maintains a private practice in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and for 10 years has been a clinical attending specialist of pediatric dentistry at NYU Langone Dental Medicine’s postdoctoral residency program. In addition, she has been featured twice on her local CBS affiliate’s “American Health Front” segment, providing comprehensive pediatric oral health-care information to New York viewers.

Why They Became a Dentist

“I was constantly teased as a child for my malocclusion. Yet I remember the kind words of my crush: ‘You are truly beautiful! The only thing you need is to fix up your teeth, and that’s it!’ So I got braces and witnessed firsthand how fixing your teeth builds confidence.”


“Never look back—always look forward.”

Exciting New Trend

“Minimally invasive dentistry. I’ve had success with resin infiltration for the treatment of anterior white spot lesions. I’ve also integrated silver diamine fluoride under- neath Hall crowns as a minimally invasive restorative procedure for very young patients.”

Something People Don’t Know

“I’m an avid golfer. I’m the female John Daly with my driver!”