Sarah Stipho

  • Framingham, Massachusetts
  • Specialty



Name of Practice:

Epione Dental Associates




Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Why They Were Nominated

Deemed a Top Dentist by Boston magazine two years in a row, Dr. Stipho also received the Dr. Chad Anderson Family Award for innovative methodology and research design while studying at Tufts. Now an assistant professor at her alma mater, she has presented her contributions to the field of periodontics at the American Academy of Periodontology, the International Association of Dental Research and the Yankee Dental Congress. Mission trips to Guatemala and the Dominican Republic complete the picture.

Biggest Challenge

“Trying to manage a busy schedule while staying on time—I do the best I can, but sometimes dentistry is not so black-and-white, and you have to adapt to surprises.”

Tool They Can’t Live Without

Her periodontal probe, scalpel and CBCT machine. “These are essential to my practice.”

Most Memorable Patient

A 92-year-old woman on whom she placed an anterior implant. “She was and is a very sharp and healthy lady and made me realize that having the right kind of restoration can deeply affect the quality of life—which is the basis of what makes one happy. Never make assumptions!”

Exciting New Trend

“Digital dentistry has evolved to the point where standard impressions will no longer be needed. Soon everything will be able to be scanned and 3D-printed.”

Something People Don’t Know

“Although my height does not favor me to play basketball, I’m a basketball fan and a Boston Celtics season-ticket holder.”