• Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
  • Verber Dental Group



Name of Practice:

Verber Dental Group


General dentistry


DMD, Temple University School of Dentistry

Why He Was Nominated

A second-generation dentist, Dr. Rother is an instrumental resource in his community. In order to skillfully communicate with patients, he creates customized relationships based on several personality observations. He also designed the Verber Dental Plan, whose goal is simple: to provide patients who lack dental insurance with the ability to receive the highest-quality dentistry at reasonable fees.


“Systems. Communication. Consistency. Systems lead to predictability, improved communication, less stress, greater patient comfort and consistent success. The easiest way to implement a system is to create a checklist. Do that, and you’re already on your way to minimizing costly mistakes.”

Tool He Can't Live Without

Dr. Rother puts his photography hobby to work creating smile designs for better laboratory communication. His Nikon D7100 captures brilliant images that he then imports into the Dawson Wizard, which offers unparalleled communication with lab technicians and the desired results every time.

Sage Advice

“Manage your debt. You’re already smart, so do yourself a favor and take a weekend to educate yourself on budgeting, retirement planning and investing. It’ll pay dividends.”

Something People Don’t Know

“I’m quite the weekend warrior with house projects. I’ve built decks, placed roofs and tampered in masonry and plumbing. My favorite projects involve fabricating accent furniture. However, I draw the line at electrical work — don’t ask why.”