Nicholas A. Lavoie

  • Swansea, Massachusetts
  • Specialty



Name of Practice:

Lavoie Pediatric Dentistry


Pediatric dentistry


Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine

Why They Were Nominated

In 2018, Dr. Lavoie helped launch the Providence Community Health Center’s pediatric dental resident- provider component in Rhode Island. He also recently opened his own practice alongside the Swansea Pediatrics physician group with the intention of creating a health-care hub for children in the Southeastern Massachusetts/Rhode Island area.

Why They Became a Dentist

“My undergraduate nursing studies opened my eyes to the impact early-childhood caries have on overall health and emotional well-being, and I wanted to be an active part of solving this health-care problem.”

Biggest Challenge

“Dealing with insurance companies. They are administratively cumbersome, to say the least.”

Tool They Can’t Live Without

“I absolutely love the properties of many new restorative products entering the market. Two I use daily: Activa bioactive restorative material and TheraCal liner.”

Exciting New Trend

“The increasing popularity of group practices is convenient for patients and eliminates the ‘island effect’ to which solo practices are prone. I enjoy engaging with and learning from colleagues daily.”

Sage Advice

“The road to a career in dentistry is long but reward- ing. It requires a lifetime of commitment, but the opportunities are endless. Take time to appreciate each step of the journey.”