• Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
  • Verber Dental Group



Name of Practice:

Verber Dental Group


Cosmetic dentistry, occlusion and implantology


DMD, Temple University School of Dentistry

Why He Was Nominated

Dr. Verber’s style is the quintessential pairing of modern and traditional dentistry: He’s a hometown boy who built his father’s office into a thriving group practice, and also an award-winning scholar of comprehensive dentistry and an implantology opinion leader. An active teacher and mentor, Dr. Verber is at home in either camp. “Good dentistry,” he says, “is dentistry that lasts.”

Sage Advice

“Don’t be a tooth mechanic. Think about how teeth fit into a larger masticatory system and how oral health integrates into overall wellness. First focus on the basics, then do what you’ve mastered. Refer everything else out. Don’t be a jack of all trades.”

Tool He Can’t Live Without

“There’s so much temptation to [cite] one of the many sexy new technologies that have changed the way we practice, but I’m going to go old-school here,” Dr. Verber says, confessing his love for the semi-adjustable articulator. “I didn’t use one much at the beginning of my career. After
I started respecting occlusion, I realized a dramatic improvement in my work.”

Something People Don’t Know

Dr. Verber is the king of costumes. In dental school, he threw an annual Halloween party that nearly halted all work as he and hundreds of classmates worked on their costumes. Now, when he visits an elementary school to promote oral health, he dresses up as “Ted the Tooth Fairy”
and performs a skit about going to a Tooth Fairy Convention. “The kids go bonkers when they see a 6-foot-6-inch guy dressed up as a Tooth Fairy dragging in their teacher dressed as a tooth.”