• Plattsburgh, NY
  • Michael T. Davey, DMD



Name of Practice:

Michael T. Davey, DMD


General dentistry


DMD and Ph.D. in oral biology, Boston University School of Dental Medicine

Why He Was Nominated

An uncompromising, comprehensive dentist, Dr. Davey completed additional training in oral and maxillofacial surgery at Boston Medical Center. After several years as a faculty member at the Boston University Dental Health Center, Dr. Davey left the big city to come home to Plattsburgh.


“I’m a detail-oriented dentist who does everything by the book.” Early in his career, Dr. Davey learned a saying that stuck with him: The first time you complete a dental restoration, you fix the patient’s problem. If you have to redo that procedure, you now risk losing the patient’s trust — and the patient altogether. The lesson, he says, is never to cut corners or compromise on the quality of the materials you use.

Advice To Aspiring Dentists

“You need to offer 100 percent of your patients 100 percent of your dental services 100 percent of the time.”

Biggest Challenge

“There is value to everything a professional does. The biggest thing I struggle with is balancing patients’ expectations and their financial ability to meet their dental needs — which means imparting to them the value of the care I’m able to provide and the difference it can make to their overall well-being.”