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Name of Practice:

Precision Dentistry & Implants


General dentistry


DDS, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry

Why He Was Nominated

Dr. Huff is a multifaceted clinician who performs nearly every procedure, including endodontics and orthodontics, in-house. He learned the value of versatility early in his career as the clinical director of an Indian Health Service clinic located on a Chippewa-Cree reservation in Montana. “If I didn’t know how to do it, they couldn’t get it,” he says — so he learned fast.


“It doesn’t matter if you come in on a Learjet or a bicycle; you’re going to be treated the same. We’ll give you the best science has to offer.”

Tool He Can’t Live Without

“My CT scan is vital to my practice. I place a lot of implants and do a lot of full-arch rehab. Getting all those measurements is really important. My CT scan went down a couple months ago, and I didn’t have one for a month. I had no idea how often I use it.”

Most Memorable Patient

A woman born in the late 1920s who grew up unaware that her German town was the site of one of Hitler’s concentration camps. “She said she remembered being scared and nervous. Her parents would listen to the BBC, which was illegal. One day her sister had to write a report for school, and she used news she heard on the BBC.” When the teacher confronted her sister, their mother pointed out the teacher would recognize information from the BBC only if she was listening to it as well. “I was so late for my other patients that day,” Dr. Huff marvels. “I just wanted to hear her stories.”