• Middletown, New Jersey
  • Red Barn Dental



Name of Practice:

Red Barn Dental


General dentistry


DMD, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

Why She Was Nominated

Focused on providing comprehensive, family-oriented dentistry, Dr. Indelicato runs Red Barn Dental with her husband, Dr. Christopher Armento, out of a 110-year-old converted barn. “It’s quaint and cozy, and really makes our patients feel at home,” she says.

Favorite Aspect of Dentistry

“I love helping patients overcome their anxiety,” says the Staten Island native. “My favorite moments are when I’m mid-procedure — whether it’s a simple filling or a difficult root canal — and I have my patient and assistant laughing. Who said dentistry can’t be fun?”


“We always tell our patients we want only what is best for them. We treat them no differently than we’d treat one another or anyone in our immediate family.”

Tool She Can’t Live Without

A patient mirror. “I like to let my patients hold it in their lap while I’m working,” Dr. Indelicato says. “Most find it fascinating to be able to see the dentist working in their mouth. I also find it makes them feel more in control and therefore more comfortable.”

Sage Advice

“Treat all patients like family and make your office or workplace feel like home — this way you’ll love going to work, even when you have to stay late or go in on days off to treat emergencies. Patients are at ease knowing you enjoy what you do and are there to help them.”