Kadambari Rawal

  • Boston
  • Specialty



Name of Practice:

Boston University Dental Health Center; Hebrew Senior Life (Roslindale and Dedham, Massachusetts)


Geriatric dental medicine and dental public health


BDS, India; CAGS and MSD, Boston University

Why They Were Nominated

In 2016, the woman universally known as “Dr. Kady” won the “Woman to Watch” Lucy Hobbs Award. For nearly a decade, this clinical assistant professor has provided full-mouth rehabilitation and es- thetic dentistry at Boston University’s Dental Health Center. At Hebrew Senior Life’s long-term-care facilities, she treats centenarians and older adults every week. Currently, she’s advocating for geriatrics to be added to official dental school curricula in her native India, which has more than 100 million senior citizens.

Why They Became a Dentist

“My mom, a family physician, inspired me to pursue a career in medicine. My dad, an engineer, always saw an engineer and artist in me. Dental medicine is a true amalgamation of art and science.”


“The women in my family. My paternal grand- mother turns 95 this year and continues to inspire me with her wit, strength and determination.”

Biggest Challenge

Treating a progressively older population living with multiple co-morbidities. “We have treated
a few centenarians in our offices, and the number grows every year, as does the number of centenarians with natural teeth living with multiple medical conditions and medications. Risk of dental disease is high in this population, and patient management is key.”