Juhee Park

  • Laguna Beach, California



Name of Practice:

Island Dentistry Laguna Beach


DDS, Loma Linda University School of Dentistry

Why She Was Nominated:

Dr. Park bases her approach on the “three P’s”: positivity, passion and persistence. Multilingual, she was born and grew up in South Korea, studied in China and has donated dental services in other countries. She has completed more than 500 hours of advanced training and is adept with 3D scanners and 3D printers.

Biggest Challenge:

“Three years ago, I worked without breaks. I had to exercise as much as I worked due to my weak back. I thought I was doing myself a favor. One day, I had sudden back pain. I should have rested, but I had been ignoring signs my body was sending. I was told that a herniated disc was compressing a nerve. I went back to Korea, and after two months of rehab, I was able to regain my ability to walk and feel again. I was forced to take a break. The experience taught me that excess is never better and I should not be too strict with myself. I now emphasize back health to every younger dentist I meet.”


“My family. My journey started when I left home to come to study in the U.S. by myself. I was able to go through the trials because of lessons I learned from my mother, who is an artist, and my father, an architect. I’m the only dentist in my family. When I face difficulties, my family teaches me to look at a problem from a different perspective. It’s a great fortune to have my family, who support me to learn what I want, think differently and act.”


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