Joel Preminger

  • Cedarhurst, New York
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Name of Practice:

Preminger Pediatric & Orthodontic Dentistry


Pediatric dentistry


Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Why They Were Nominated

Hailing from a long line of surgeons, Dr. Preminger demonstrates his family’s Hippocratic ethos by being available to patients 24/7 and employing the latest technology. He has also created a kid-friendly practice with a tire swing, iPads, books, hopscotch, television sets and a snack area.

Why They Became a Dentist

With his grandfather an internist and his father a urological surgeon, it’s no wonder medicine was in the cards for Dr. Preminger. He chose dentistry for its unique combination of art and science.


“Working with children. I have six children of my own.”

Tool They Can’t Live Without

Digital radiography. “The ability, specifically in pediatric dentistry, to take an X-ray and
see the image immediately is life-changing. Another advancement is the Nomad. It enables me to obtain superior-quality images with significantly less radiation than conventional wall-mounted units. It also doesn’t hurt that the Nomad looks like a cool laser gun.”


Make every visit a positive experience. “When I first meet a child, I stoop to their level and introduce myself. I don’t believe in wearing a white coat or dental scrubs. Children perceive that as a scary doctor and immediately become fearful. My goal is to keep them at ease.”

Something People Don’t Know

Dr. Preminger loves architecture and interior design. Not only did he design his practice, he even renovated the vacant commercial space next door, turning it into a WeWork-style office space for lease.