• Manhattan, New York
  • Cournot & Lee DDS



Name of Practice:

Cournot & Lee DDS


Comprehensive dentistry with a focus on restorative and occlusion


DDS, New York University College of Dentistry

Why She Was Nominated

A true academic, Dr. Lee treats a working population in busy Midtown Manhattan by providing state-of- the-art technology services informed by her thorough practice knowledge.

Practice Philosophy

“Spend time listening to patients to make sure you actually do what they need to change their dental habits and make sure they’re inspired enough to maintain it.”

Exciting New Trend

Examining cavities from a much greater array of perspectives. “It used to be a very linear approach — you have sugar and bacteria, and that produces acid,” Dr. Lee says. “But now we’re examining the many factors that exacerbate that process, such as asthma inhalers, some prescription drugs and illnesses like diabetes.”

Biggest Challenge

Dr. Lee says it’s a privilege to have a private practice in Midtown Manhattan, but it’s a constant challenge to keep treatment costs affordable for patients while staying profitable enough to pay the rent. “But it inspires me and pushes me to keep this practice,” she says, in a field that’s increasingly expensive for patients to afford.