• Carlsbad, California
  • The Brush Stop



Name of Practice:

The Brush Stop


Pediatric dentistry


DMD, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Why She Was Nominated

After six years as an associate, Dr. Khoury launched her own state-of-the-art green pediatric practice. In her mercury-free office, Dr. Khoury employs a whole-body approach to treatment, and makes use of bioactive materials to treat dental disease.


“We evaluate the patient as a whole, including a child’s breathing patterns, sleep patterns and craniofacial and dental development. Children are not small adults; they have their own personalities and physical requirements.”

Exciting New Trend

“I’m thrilled about the amount of research being done on sleep-disordered breathing and myofunctional habits in children. There have been a lot of advances emphasizing the importance of the tongue and other oral structures in a child’s craniofacial and airway development. It’s fascinating to be able to assist and intervene even at the newborn stage of life.”

Most Memorable Patient

“We treated a baby at 6 weeks for a tongue-tie release. The baby was diagnosed ‘failure to thrive’ and could not receive nutrition in any form — breast milk or formula. After the tongue tie was released, the child was able to nurse and bottle-feed without interruption. He was taken off all reflux medications, and after 12 days was in the thirty-fifth percentile for weight. To be able to help a mother feed her child was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.”