• Greenville, Rhode Island
  • Dr. Jean Resnevic Dental Care



Name of Practice:

Dr. Jean Resnevic Dental Care


General dentistry


DMD, Temple University School of Dentistry

Why She Was Nominated

After graduating dental school summa cum laude, Dr. Resnevic spent several years practicing in Texas before returning home to Rhode Island to follow in the spirit of her parents and grandparents by opening her own practice.


“Funny enough, I actually had the epiphany to go to dental school while sipping a margarita during an art auction on a cruise ship,” says Dr. Resnevic, who studied fine arts during her undergrad years at George Washington University. “The answer was actually in front of me for a lifetime. I grew up going to my dad’s office and listening to stories about his dental career.”

Favorite Aspect of Dentistry

“The art of creating functional little ‘sculptures.’ It’s satisfying when restorations blend in seamlessly.”

Tool She Can’t Live Without

“My dental mirror. I’ve had an assistant joke with me that it’s my ‘security blanket’ — even when my hands are full, it’s the last thing I want to put down.”

Something People Don’t Know

“If I’m dressed like an astronaut on the weekend, it’s because I’m tending to my beehive,” says Dr. Resnevic, who is also an avid gardener. “I’m fascinated by how [bees] work together to keep their colony thriving.”