Heidi Aaronson

  • Wellesley, Massachusetts
  • General



Name of Practice:

New Generation Dental Center


Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Why She Was Nominated

A lifelong lover of dentistry, Dr. Aaronson practices alongside her father (a dentist)
and mother (the office manager of the family practice). In her free time, she provides free dental care to Holocaust survivors who live below the poverty line.

Why She Became a Dentist

As the daughter of a dentist and the granddaughter of a dental lab technician, Dr. Aaronson grew up so fascinated by dentistry that she never considered another career. “I made a pact with my friend in kindergarten that one day I’d be a dentist and she’d be my first patient. Twenty-one years later, she kept her promise after I graduated from dental school.”

Exciting New Trends

“I’ve fallen in love with treating tongue ties, especially in newborns,” says Dr. Aaronson, who took a course on treating tethered oral tissues in 2016. “During my training, I real- ized both of my daughters were tongue-tied; nobody diagnosed them properly. I can understand the frustration of nursing a tied baby, so it allows me to connect with moms on a whole new level.”

Something People Don't Know

“I got to throw out the first pitch at a Boston Red Sox game,” says Dr. Aaronson, who runs
a public-health program at Fenway Park that provides free oral- cancer screenings. “I was so nervous, I forgot to wait for the cue to throw the ball, and I threw it way too early—and way too high.”


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