Danielle Lombardi

  • New York
  • Specialty



Name of Practice:

Park Smiles NYC


Pediatric dentistry


New York University College of Dentistry

Why She Was Nominated

Having cowritten the book The Chronicles of Women in White Coats, Dr. Lombardi strives to promote the work of women in medicine. In addition to the book— which explores sexual assault, life with breast cancer, professional training as a single mother, burnout and finding one’s true passion— she also helps edit the anthology’s accompanying blog.

Why She Became a Dentist

“Growing up, my mother dealt with several health issues. She was treated by so many wonderful doctors that I was originally inspired to attend medical school. I [later] realized that dentistry would give me more opportunities to develop personal relationships with patients.”

Biggest Challenge

“When parents first meet me, they often think I look very young, and am therefore not experienced. While
I’m thankful for the good genes that run in my family, it challenges me to work harder and show my value as a doctor.”


Trust your gut instinct. “If a patient seems like they’re having an off day or a parent is unusually quiet, asking a simple question to make sure you’re all on the same page can help make a dental visit a positive experience instead of a catastrophe.”

Exciting New Trend

Triple antibiotic paste for pulp therapy in primary teeth. “If used in the appropriate situations, we can save teeth that normally would be extracted.”