Charlie Clark

  • Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona
  • Specialty



Name of Practice:

Pediatric Dental Specialists


Pediatric dentistry


A.T. Still University

Why They Were Nominated

Dr. Clark serves on the board of directors of the Brighter Way Institute, providing clinical services to at-risk populations in the Phoenix area. In addition, he organizes an annual mission trip through Canada- based Dentistry for All, reaching underserved areas in the San Marcos region of rural Guatemala.


“Mentors who share a passion for dentistry, education, and service.”

Biggest Challenge

“When working with children, all we want to do is provide the best possible care in the best possible environment. Our hands are often tied due to insurance, cost of care, low parental dental IQ or other factors.”


Behavior management. “Pure and simple. From managing parents’ understanding of the importance of prevention to the management of an anxious child resistant to necessary treatment.”

Exciting New Trend

Growing collaboration between oral-health providers and other medical practitioners. “Pediatrician and medical groups in our community have expressed interest in learning about prevention strategies and how we can team up to improve health outcomes.”

Something People Don’t Know

Dr. Clark was a 23-year member of the Dave Matthews Band Fan Club, until he missed the renewal date by two months this year. “When I called to see if I could get an extension, they said no,” he recalls. “So I joined the Zac Brown Band Fan Club.”