• Flagstaff and Williams, Arizona
  • Timberline Dental in both Flagstaff and Williams


32 and 31

Name of Practice:

Timberline Dental in both Flagstaff and Williams


Brandon: endodontics and surgery; Dawn: general and pediatric dentistry


Both: DDS, Creighton University School of Dentistry

Why They Were Nominated

The Tiltses, husband and wife, run the only two dental practices near the Grand Canyon. Because of that, they serve their regular patients as well
as emergency cases such as climbers who slip and need stitches for a facial injury, or tourists who have broken teeth from the buck of a mule’s head as it wandered down into the canyon. Not your usual patient fare, to be
sure. “It’s always exciting,” Brandon says.


Because the duo have different specialties, they can cover most of their patients’ needs, and they try to see everyone who comes through their doors, Dawn says. Adds Brandon: “Our patients appreciate that our specialties enable us to treat them many times in the practice, without the need for a referral.”

Tools They Can't Live Without

“My right index finger,” says Brandon. For Dawn, it’s her staff. “If something happened and none of them showed up to work one day, I’d be lost.”

Biggest Challenge

Getting a bit lost in translation thanks to all those unscheduled tourist visits: More than once, Brandon’s staff has had to do its best to speak and understand basic French in order to pinpoint a French patient’s dental emergency.