• Salem, UT
  • Salem Smiles



Name of Practice:

Salem Smiles


General dentistry


DDS, University of Iowa College of Dentistry

Why He Was Nominated

Having twice been voted the best dentist in his Ten­nessee town, he sold his practice and moved to Utah to be closer to family — and was named best dentist in southern Utah
County before he’d been open even a year.

Exciting New Trend

“I’ve been using laser procedures more often lately and love how simple they make some situations.”

Advice to Aspiring Dentists

“Long-term success is based on the trust that a patient will gain when you make the same treatment decisions you’d make for yourself. If it’s not a root canal when you thought it was, if it’s stain and not caries, if a filling is really suitable
instead of a crown — patients notice these things.”

Something People Don't Know

“I’ve been published in journals twice — once for a study involving the Indra butterfly, and the other for oddities of yeast in patients with HIV. I hiked and camped through four states collecting caterpillars and larvae, and narrowly avoided an enormous killer-bee swarm by hiding under a rock outcropping until they passed. I’m sure it was worth it for an article only 10 people may have read,” he cracks, “but such is research.”