Alexander Volchonok

  • New York and Greenwich, Connecticut
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University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine

Why They Were Nominated

Dr. Volchonok built two private practices from the ground up, specializing in laser periodontal therapy, advanced cosmetic implants and minimally invasive periodontal plastic surgery. He also developed a surgical technique for patients with compromised bone in the esthetic zone. In his spare time, he directs the NYC Inter- disciplinary Study Club and lectures at CE programs across the country.

Why They Became a Dentist

“I discovered dentistry after a family friend who was a periodontist took me under his wing. After spending time with him I was hooked and knew I wanted to be a periodontist.”

Most Memorable Patient

“One of the most selfless and caring people I’ve ever met. He lost his teeth in his early years and had been struggling with dentures much of his life. I had the pleasure of giving him a new, beautiful, confident smile through implants. This man happens to be my grandfather.”

Exciting New Trend

“There will be market- place polarization: Individual offices will be caught up in a large rollup and corporatization. At the other end of the spectrum will be doctors who differentiate themselves and create unique value. That’s where I want to be.”

Something People Don’t Know

“I’ve been known to do random happy dances from time to time.”