Introducing the Nupro Freedom™ Cordless Prophy System with SmartMode™ Technology
Nick Harrison

Dentsply Sirona Preventive announces the launch of the Nupro Freedom™ Cordless Prophy System with SmartMode™ Technology. SmartMode Technology provides clinicians with an innovative method of controlling the speed and power of the prophy cup, while also providing freedom from cords and foot pedals. In addition, Nupro Freedom provides 25 percent more speed and power than the previous generation Freedom handpiece.

Nupro Freedom Cordless Prophy System Package includes a cordless handpiece and three autoclavable outer sheaths that allow a dental practice to comply with CDC Infection Prevention Guidelines without needing to purchase three separate handpieces. Also, included are Disposa-Shield® disposable polyethylene barriers to facilitate cleaning and disposable prophy angles.

SmartMode Technology uses the gentle pressure of the prophy cup against the tooth to control its speed. Adding pressure increases the speed of the prophy cup while removing pressure decreases the speed. An optional cordless foot pedal is available for those who prefer the foot pedal operation.

“The Nupro Freedom Cordless Prophy System is quieter than traditional air driven hygiene or low speed handpieces, providing patients with a more pleasant polishing experience,” said Gail Malone, Global Professional Services Senior Manager. “Additionally, when combined with Nupro Freedom® Slim Disposable Prophy Angles, they provide less chatter and vibration for the patient as well as better visibility and access for the clinician. It’s a win-win for the patient and the clinician.”

Customers can request a demo and learn more about the Nupro Freedom with SmartMode Technology Prophy System by contacting Dentsply Sirona Customer Service at 800-989-8825 or by visiting