Marko Vujicic presents data in the hopes of illuminating possibility and affecting positive change in dentistry. He also is not afraid to admit he’s gained insight from Disney’s Frozen.

In his discussion with Rick Cohen on Benco Dental’s Driving Dentistry Forward podcast he shares thoughts on both topics.

As the American Dental Association’s Chief Economist, Dr. Vujicic spearheads the data factory that is their Health Policy Institute and in 2020, he had his work cut out for him. The Institute’s VP led the team in quickly developing a system that tracked the impact of the coronavirus to dental practices state by state.

“We realized that our data and market analytics were in huge demand in the industry,” he told Incisal Edge this summer when he earned a return spot – this time breaking into the top 10 – among Incisal Edge magazine’s 32 Most Influential People in Dentistry.

Today Dr. Vujicic serves as the ADA’s Chief Economist, but previously, he helped guide large scale change with the help of data at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland and with The World Bank in Washington, D.C.

Find out what brought this Canadian native to the U.S. capitol, and hear how he uses his World Bank experience to create solutions for dentists in Benco Dental’s latest Driving Dentistry Forward podcast.

After viewing this videocast, you’ll know…

  • the best way to present opinions that might ruffle feathers,
  • which lessons you can take from Disney’s Frozen,
  • how dentistry might benefit from the Open Table model,
  • where dentists can see opportunities in the next 5 to 15 years, and
  • what’s surprising in recent research about extended office hours at dental practices.

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