New York City. Two remarkable women. One boffo Lucy Hobbs Project event.

THE HALLMARK OF the Lucy Hobbs Project is its annual gathering, simultaneously the world’s largest celebration and get-together of women in dentistry — but Lucy is very much a year-round initiative.

With that in mind, the most recent Lucy Hobbs Project Meetup was a special one indeed: Tuesday, November 28, in New York, from 5 to 8 p.m. at Loft, a tony club in Manhattan’s West Chelsea neighborhood, was the setting for a Lucy Hobbs event unlike any other. Among the highlights were two exemplary featured speakers:

Katie Meyler, founder and CEO of More Than Me (MTM), a leading education network in Liberia that works in partnership with that West African country’s education ministry to help rebuild its schooling system. Meyler was one of Time magazine’s People of the Year in 2014 for her work combating Ebola on the front lines in Africa; she was also, alongside Oprah Winfrey, Facebook’s Sheryl Sanders and others, named one of People magazine’s 25 Women Changing the World.

Dr. Pamela Marzban, an assistant professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry, has been in private practice for 16 years. Her talk was titled “Networking, Innovation, Giveback: What It Means to Be a Female Entrepreneur.”

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