If you’ve ever used a patient portal to make an appointment with your physician or request a prescription refill, you’ve got Mike Cataldo to thank. Long before the CEO of Convergent introduced the pain-free possibilities of Solea laser to the dental community, his idea to connect doctors with their patients over the internet became an industry leading technology. Today, in a discussion on Benco’s Driving Dentistry Forward Podcast with host Chuck Cohen, Mike talks about what it takes to see your idea become real, as well as confirm the numerous reasons why he’s been named one of Dentistry’s Most Influential People. How did an “insane ability” to ignore skeptics, specifically a “big deal in dentistry” fuel Mike’s commitment to the Solea laser? Which valuable lesson did he learn from a Chevy Caprice Classic? Listen to the podcast to find out.

After viewing this videocast, you’ll know…

  • What a Family Feud survey taught Mike about dentistry,
  • How you can stop snoring, and
  • What is six times more effective than fluoride at preventing cavities.

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