Today, successful organizations — especially dental practices — are often the ones that can generate the best ideas the fastest. 

Practices rely on technology to fuel the process — sharing information on monitors, using videoconferencing to connect with colleagues, and developing content using touchscreens. But problems arise quickly when the systems and devices in use daily are out of sync with the spaces that house them.

Why struggle to work in a space where the surroundings (the physical space itself), furnishings (the chairs and tables), and tools (both digital and analog) are out of sync with each other. 

Meet Mbrace Wall Mounted Technology by Herman Miller: Easy to use, easy to install, and easy to share information

Perfectly suited for inpatient alcoves or chairside applications, Mbrace makes it easy for doctors to share information and optimize needed space. It folds to within 9.5 inches from the wall and stores technology of up to 20 pounds. It has a 22-inch height-adjustment range, which accommodates seated or standing positions for most people, regardless of their size. A counterbalance mechanism allows for knob-free repositioning, so anyone can adjust the support and use it comfortably. Because the keying surface and monitor support are designed to move together, a person can use just one hand to operate it. Mbrace can be installed in about 30 minutes.

Range of motion

With over 22 inches of superior height adjustment range, Mbrace accommodates infinite seated or standing positions from the 5th percentile seated female to the 95th percentile standing male. Using counter balance technology, there is a 9.5-inch range of independent ‘knob-free’ height adjustment and 180-degree rotation for seamless information sharing.

Easy Installation

Mbrace can be installed on Compass System tiles and other common surfaces within 30 minutes. This allows the user to place technology wherever it is needed with minimal downtime. This wall-mounted solution is also seismically tested and OSHPD-approved to withstand earthquakes of 7.3 magnitude.

Supports user needs

Enables screen-sharing to function more efficiently between the patient, the caregiver, and the technology. Perfectly suited for inpatient alcoves or bedside applications, Mbrace features an extra-wide 27-inch work surface and pullout keyboard tray that can be moved with one hand to adapt to different users. The keying surface and monitor support are designed to move as one unit, increasing efficiency. This is a differentiator for the Mbrace product because studies have shown that people typically approach wall-mounted technology with something in their hand, leaving only one hand free to adjust their surroundings.

Mbrace is available through Benco Dental

A holistic approach to workplace design can elevate the experience of work for people, and help the best dental practices achieve their goals.

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Herman Miller Design Tip for Mbrace