Sedation dentistry opens the door for more patients to seek treatment, but it’s not without risk. For the absolute fastest alert when patients stop breathing, you need capnography, and CMI Health’s PC-900B is the ideal monitor for the dental practice.

Currently relying on pulse oximetry? You’re accepting that a significant delay can occur between distress and alert.

Capnography, by contrast, notifies you in seconds by measuring EtCO2, respiration rate, pulse and saturation of SpO2.

Considering some 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea—and 80 percent of all sleep-disorder sufferers go undiagnosed—it only makes sense to prepare for the worst. (Also worth noting: The ADA now recommends all sedation dentists, not just oral surgeons, use capnography.)

The PC-900B combines performance and affordability. It’s highly compact, but its color display offers excellent readability. It’s simple to use, too, so staff training is a snap. Advanced features include 24-hour graphic trend storage and data output to PC and Bluetooth printers. Add quick warm-up, a convenient charging station and pole-mount option for room-to-room portability, and you’ve got the best option for patient protection—and your own peace of mind.

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