An issue dedicated to innovation marks the perfect time to announce Benco’s terrific new practice-
management software suite, Open Dental.

ONE OF OUR FAVORITE issues of Incisal Edge each year is this one, highlighting the dental nominees for the annual Edison Awards, because it offers us a great opportunity to showcase dentistry’s newest innovations and coolest products—and, by extension, the people behind the advances that are rapidly changing the game in our industry.

At Benco, we thrive on bringing products to market that smash the status quo—so much so that we unveiled a new mission statement last year to reflect this passion for driving dentistry forward through our innovative solutions and caring family culture. Everyone at Benco is dedicated to making dentistry more exciting and fulfilling, less stressful for practitioners and more effective, accessible and desirable for patients.

While other companies talk about innovation, we carefully track the exact percentage of products sold that we introduced in the past three years. We even give bonuses to our team when we exceed our benchmark of 20 percent. For 2019, our team finished “in the money,” with an Innovation Index over 22 percent.

We’re especially proud now to launch a new partnership with Open Dental, the most innovative dental practice-management solution on the market today. Founded in 2003 by Dr. Jordan Sparks, it’s also the fastest- growing DPMS in the United States, with thousands of users, because it puts the doctor in charge, not the software provider. It’s open (living up to its name), affordable, compatible, flexible, constantly improving and backed by enthusiastic support from Open Dental employees as well as its broad community of users.

Benco thrives on bringing products to market that smash the status quo.

Even though Benco doesn’t price Open Dental software and services a penny higher, we add considerable value for customers. You’ll earn BluChips reward points you can redeem on future orders, or soon you can redeem the ones you already have toward your software purchase. Plus, Benco does more than just sell Open Dental—we use it as the engine to power a seamless, integrated software suite with powerful functionality from the likes of Dental Intelligence, as well as forthcoming Benco-designed features and add-ons.

We know we’re a little late to the DPMS party. But we didn’t want to build just another closed, restrictive software platform that keeps customers beholden to one distributor, requires Houdini-like skills to escape and costs too much in monthly fees.

Open Dental by Benco Practice Solutions is the perfect option for Benco customers who have grown accustomed to our philosophy of offering a range of choices and best-of-breed solutions. Our Innovation Index, we think, seems poised to climb.