Improving your office’s air quality without wasting valuable space or adding visual clutter just got easier.

THE CORONAVIRUS MIGHT be invisible, but the equipment we use to fight it sure isn’t. So far, most dentists have been relying on occasionally bulky air purifiers that sit on the floor and get in the way. Aire~BioLite by LifeAire is different—and surprisingly affordable. This proprietary air-purification system eliminates pathogens that HEPA filters can’t catch. In fact, it destroys 99.998% of SARS-CoV-2 in a single pass. That’s important, because any virus that isn’t killed the first time through gets recirculated … and potentially spreads to other areas of your building.

Fresh Aire: BioLite’s simple construction makes for ease of installation, and (inset) it does its vital work invisibly from within your ceiling.

Can you spot the air purifier in the image at the top? Looks like a standard ceiling, right? You can see the air vent where it would normally be, plus a speaker, light and sprinkler nozzle. Nothing out of the ordinary. But in fact, the Aire~BioLite air purifier is installed inside the ductwork. It’s completely out of sight and utterly quiet. Yet it’s capable of destroying all those pesky biological contaminants, including coronavirus, regular influenza and TB.
It also helps with surface disinfection, since studies suggest that up to 90 percent of surface pathogens originate in the air.

A Harvard Business Review survey revealed recently that the No. 1 environmental factor employees desire most from their workspaces is better air quality. So Aire~BioLite isn’t just a virus-fighting solution for now; it’s a long-term way to add considerable value to your practice for years to come. It costs about $5,000 for most dental practices and is maintenance-free and relatively easy to install. Finally, here’s an affordable air-purification product that’s extraordinarily effective, remarkably simple to use and doesn’t get in the way. Breathe easy.