OUR NINTH ANNUAL 40 Under 40 issue marks an important progression. Starting this year, we’re recognizing general dentists and specialists under individual categories to better acknowledge your singular accomplishments.

Why the evolution? First, there are simply more deserving individuals. Few young doctors are satisfied hanging out a shingle, garnering a trickle of new patients and practicing in relative anonymity. Patients demand more, and doctors are challenging themselves. As a result, dentistry is a more exciting profession that’s attracting even higher-caliber practitioners.
Another reason is that general dentists and specialists serve patients uniquely, employing focused treatment methodologies and technology. Same road, different lanes. An endodontist, for example, might evaluate her career progression using different criteria than a pediatric dentist. We want to celebrate what makes different types of practices distinctive.
Yet you’re all united, sharing ideas, working toward common objectives and collaborating to put patients first, always. The ever-increasing focus on interdisciplinary treatment planning of complex cases is making extraordinary things possible. In turn, you’re changing more lives for the better together. This spirit of collaboration was perhaps the most compelling reason for expanding the 40 Under 40.

Nobody succeeds alone. Our annual 40 Under 40 shows how the best doctors parlay solo achievements into bigger wins for dentistry’s greater good.

Our 2019 honorees—the package begins on page 19—are more than shining examples of selfless commitment to patient care. They’re models for success. They win by distinguishing themselves in sophisticated ways, from creating standout personal brands that patients love and trust to being prodigious and recognized contributors in advancing science. That’s important, because those kinds of individual wins benefit all of dentistry and shape the public’s perception.

You’re also inspiring the people here at Benco Dental. Every day, we aim to be worthier than companies competing on price alone. They won’t be by your side for the life of your practice, let alone actually help you create and design one. They don’t look out for every new opportunity to supercharge your growth. They certainly won’t be there to celebrate your achievements as we do in this issue. Unlike them, we use every ounce of leverage to join you in driving dentistry forward. Benco Dental empowers manufacturers—and ourselves—toward relentless innovation with products, tech, equipment, services and initiatives that help you be your best.

Now more than ever, doctors need partners who are 100 percent dedicated to their success for life. At Benco, we strive to be that kind of partner. When you consider the value of everything we offer, and how we help you achieve your big-picture goals across decades, one thing is clear: We’re better together. Because it’s only when you succeed that we do, too. Thoughts? Reach out to us—we always love hearing from you.

Sincerest congratulations to this year’s honorees. Every year, the 40 Under 40 is a celebration we’re deeply proud to host.