A FELLOW OF the Academy of General Dentistry and the International College of Dentists, Dr. Kyle Bogan, along with his team, is consistently selected among the top dentists in the Columbus, Ohio, area. A serious practice calls for a serious space, and Dr. Bogan wanted his commitment to technology in the service of top-notch dental care to be evident in North Orange Family Dentistry, his astonishing—and, at 5,600 square feet, impressive—new-build practice. “Not only did we want the building to reflect that we’re high-tech and high-touch, we wanted it to be an experience,” Dr. Bogan says.

Selecting the right lot was the easiest decision; The doctor and his team alighted on a two-acre plot in the northern Columbus suburb of Delaware, just a block away from their existing practice but with better street position. Enlisting the help of M+A Architects and Connect CDC contractors (a group of engineers, builders, and designers specializing in medical offices) in Columbus, the North Orange team broke ground in September 2018 and opened to the public just eight months later.

A tech bar with iPads on a white countertop greets visitors at reception; 3D printers and milling and restoration machines, intriguingly, are placed where patients can see them at work. “We looked at technology from a patient and dental standpoint and [wanted to] provide some entertainment,” Dr. Bogan says. “Every aspect of the office has tech that patients can touch or experience.”
In a nod to the practice’s name, orange is woven subtly throughout—in the bar stools at the iPad counter, on accent walls, and in lighting fixtures. “Our interior designer brought in complementary colors I wasn’t expecting: gold, teal and beige,” the doctor says. “Our task was to make orange tasteful and not overdone, and I think we accomplished that.”

Finally, the break room, which was the object of considerable attention from Dr. Bogan. It ended up with a set of lockers, a full-size kitchen boasting a refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave, plus bench seating and booths.

The lighting of the entire space is what most animates the doctor and his team. “We put track lighting in the main hallway, and it lines [it entirely],” he says. “It’s also built into the wood columns in the front-desk area. It makes the space unique.”

Dr. Kyle Bogan’s

“Start the process like I did: knowing exactly what you want to come out with. It’s much smoother than if you’re uncertain. Your team will build the practice based on your vision—alter it in any way and you’ll add time and expense. It’s also wise to go with a dental-specific contractor if you have one in your area.”