THREE MOTIFS make up the heart of Dr. Rebecca Wilson’s Timberwood Park Pediatric: kids, animals and the outdoors, all of which highlight her new 3,500-square-foot practice in the outskirts of San Antonio.

After a dozen years in her previous office in the city’s Alamo Heights neighborhood, Dr. Wilson re-opened last August in a new strip center on the way to Texas’s Hill Country—a step closer, this “Iowa farm girl” says, to fulfilling her goal of returning to the country.

The new practice sits across from an elementary school, providing for an easy influx of young charges. “It’s really good visibility, and a lot of our patients just come by while driving,” Dr. Wilson says.

Working with Jim Reed and Jeff Harmon at Benco Dental, Dr. Wilson created a sophisticated yet whimsical, playful space loosely inspired by the high-rise apartments near Piedmont Park in Atlanta, where Dr. Wilson spent time with her kids at the beginning of 2019. The color scheme mixes calming green, upbeat yellow and gray; walls are garlanded with ivy for texture and an outdoorsy feel. “A lot of the design comes from a mom’s perspective,” she notes. “The layout is very open—I want moms and dads to feel like they can move around the office and follow their kids.”

The roomy space took just five months to build out; Dr. Wilson was able to hang her shingle on time and under budget. It offers three quiet rooms, four operatories, a post-op recovery room and a break room. Up front is nice, too. “I love my reception area. It’s calming and comfortable, with a nice leather couch—it has a library feel,” the doctor says. “I like to just sit up there.”

Dr. Rebecca Wilson’s

“Get references on the team you put together: your marketing person, construction manager, realtor, architect. Get feedback from their previous clients. And artwork! Be sure to add that into your budget. Remember, though, that even essentials—mirrors, trash cans, office supplies—can really add up.”