To the right, sea turtles navigate colorful coral reefs among dolphins and manatees in a saltwater paradise. To the left, warming rays of sunshine stream through a fan of palm fronds. Puffy clouds do a sky of purest azure. Sound like a postcard vacation destination? Indeed. Only in this instance, your tour guide in Delray Beach, Florida, is pediatric dentist Dr. Marcie Young, DMD.“

Everyone loves the windows in the open bay,” Dr. Young says. “Kids feel excited to see the neighborhood and trains, parents love the open space and The staff loves the way the office flows.”

Achieving that flow was quite an undertaking; Dr. Young dedicated three years and $500,000 to creating the picturesque 2,900-square-foot space. Although the project stretched out beyond her initial projections, the University of Florida Dental School Graduate, who completed her pediatric specialty at New York University, remained committed to her vision. “I signed my lease in 2013, and my build-out was finished in June 2016,” she recounts with a laugh. “It took much longer than anticipated, but it was worth the wait.”

It certainly was — Young Dentistry, with its beautiful curved floor-to-ceiling windows and playful interior, makes a fitting practice for lovely Delray Beach, on the Atlantic coast an hour north of Miami. “I wanted the office to have a neighborhood feel, so we feature local artists, local school projects on the walls and photographs of neighborhood children,” Dr. Young says. Her location is apropos, too; those elegant windows look out on Pineapple Grove, the local arts district.

Dr. Young, who has two small kids with her husband, James, was driven by a desire, she says, to craft a “beautiful, clean, fun space where children of all ages would feel welcome,” and credits her interior designer, CenterPoint Design’s Jessica Isgan, as a particular help. “When I saw the design of the building, I knew it would be worth it,” she says. “I love the modern space and natural light.” Her young patients, put at ease by the delightful surroundings, no doubt unanimously agree.