In his early days as a periodontist, it took Dr. Michael Cohen a few years to convince his dental colleagues that they needed to utilize their greatest resource: “each other”. In 1987, though, when he invited a patient to be interviewed at a study club meeting the “electrons were flying.”

“Dentists were in the parking lot 45 minutes after the meeting was over arguing how the case should be treated,” Dr. Cohen explained to Benco’s Driving Dentistry Forward Podcast host Chuck Cohen.

The rest is dental education history.
Today, more than 7,400 members of Dr. Cohen’s Seattle Study Clubs belong to some 260 organizations across the U.S., Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, even Trinidad and Tobago. Each club hosts regular meetings that function as a forum where doctors can discuss and plan cases and listen to presentations by globally renowned clinical speakers.

Every other Thursday on the Driving Dentistry Forward podcast and videocast, hosts Rick Cohen and Chuck Cohen will converse with thought leaders accelerating change across dentistry, healthcare, business and media. Among their first guests: Incisal Edge 32 Most Influential People in dentistry.

SSC also recently launched its Business Academy, which teaches dentists—many of them entrepreneurs at heart—how to build and run better businesses, with training and educational content they can stream online or attend in person.

Today, in a discussion on Benco’s Driving Dentistry Forward Podcast, Dr. Michael Cohen offers the secret ingredient that draws top speakers to the annual SSC Symposium, explains how to run a university without walls, shares which mentor taught him as much about wine, food and University of Washington football as about dentistry, and shows why he’s been named one of Dentistry’s Most Influential People.

How did dental implants play a crucial role in the growth of Seattle Study Clubs? What is Dr. Cohen’s ideal dinner crowd? Listen to the podcast to find out.

And speaking of SSC Symposium, Dr. Leslie Fang’s presentation at Symposium 2021, Warped Science to Develop Warped Vaccines at Warped Speed will cover the current vaccines under development, their efficacy and possible adverse effects, along with the expected availability for dental professionals and the public. Register today.

Since its inception in 1996, Seattle Study Club Journal has focused on the comprehensive treatment planning for which Seattle Study Club is known. A subscription is included with SSC membership.

After viewing this videocast, you’ll know…

  • how a 1992 riot led 11 of 12 oral surgeons to create some of the inaugural Seattle Study Clubs,
  • which dental influencer has never been featured on the cover of the Seattle Study Club Journal (shown), and
  • whether or not Dr. Michael Cohen believes the world will become strictly digital after COVID-19.

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And where better to begin than with Incisal Edge magazine’s 32 Most Influential People in Dentistry, including international dentists, industry icons, legislators and legends. 

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