Less than a minute is all it takes at a routine dental exam, to complete a new procedure that can lead to life-saving treatment.

GOCCLES®, designed, manufactured and patented in Italy, consists of eyewear with a special optical filter to be used in combination with a curing light to run a simple, noninvasive and painless test of the oral cavity for the early screening of oral cancer and other precancerous lesions.


“The Goccles are a clever piece of technology which has been developed recently and what it does, when you shine a certain type of light on it, it will highlight any area which is considered precancerous. Without the Goccles, it’s very hard to see.

The procedure is very quick and painless and it takes less than a minute to do and it’s done on every routine examination we do at the clinic,” said Dr. Hitesh Panchal, Principal Dentist at Dental at Media City UK.

For Dr. Panchal, every oral cancer screening begins with a visual assessment and soft tissue check in the mouth, and now ends with an exam using Goccles®, a non-invasive medical device developed to be used in combination with curing lamps already present in dental offices.

“All cancer screening is really important especially in those high risk groups such as smokers or tobacco users and high alcohol consumers… 90 percent of cases can be fully cured if detected early.”

According to the Goccles website, the autofluorescence examination, in addition to the naked eye examination, contributes to the detection of the actual margins of precancerous and cancerous lesions even in their initial stage.

Learn more about Goccles from its U.S. distributor Benco Dental: Click here.

“Early detection is fundamentally important to finding out these cancers early… we can treat them and the survival rate is increased immensely. …

Visits to the dentist is so important in finding these cancers of the mouth,” said Emma Riley, Chair, Society for British Dental Nurses.

See Goccles in action with Dr. Panchal: